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Schools and Community Testing

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JPatible tests for over 200 genetic diseases commonly found in those of Ashkenazic, Sephardic and Mizrahi ancestry. Remember, being a carrier for a genetic disease does not mean you have the disease itself.

Completely Confidential

Your privacy is our priority. Your results are never shared with anyone but yourself. Couple compatibility matching is done confidentially with the couple never knowing each other’s results unless they choose otherwise.

Couple Compatibility Matching

When you are ready to check your genetic compatibility with your prospective spouse, simply contact JPatible. After receiving consent from both parties, JPatible will compare the results for genetic compatibility. Remember, the couple compatibility check can only be done when both parties are participants in the JPatible program.


Don’t like needles? Neither do we. Here at JPatible, we utilize an at home state of the art DNA saliva collection kit, making the collection process as simple and painless as possible. Your convenience is our priority.

What it means to be a carrier

Being a carrier of a recessive genetic disease does not mean that you have the disease itself. If you and your prospective spouse are not carriers for the same recessive disease, there is minimal risk of having a baby with that disease. If you and prospective spouse are carriers for the same recessive disease, each of your children has a 25% chance of being born with the disease.

Testing, and learning about your results, helps you make the best decisions possible for your family. When participating in JPatible, you will receive your screening results and have the option of discussing them further with a certified genetic counselor.

Frequently Asked Questions

For singles, the panel being utilized for JPatible participants consists of more than 200 genetic diseases and includes those that are commonly found in the Jewish population (Ashkenazic, Sephardic and Mizrahi), as well as other populations. To view a complete list of the conditions on the panel being utilized by JPatible, click here. These diseases inherited in a recessive pattern, meaning that a child can only have the condition if both parents carry the non- working gene for that condition. Typically, people who are carriers of recessive conditions do not have symptoms because they have only one copy of the non-working gene. Each child of two carrier parents has a 25% chance of inheriting two copies of the non-working gene and having the condition.

For married couples, there is an option to be screened for X-linked disorders as well. These are carried by one parent and can affect offspring.

There is also a very small chance that testing will indicate that you may be at risk for developing symptoms of a genetic condition. Some, but not all, of these conditions are treatable. If this happens, JPatible will help identify specialists in your area to address these health concerns.

Individuals screened through other programs like Dor Yeshorim do not receive copies of their results. Dor Yeshorim results are only used to determine whether you and your prospective spouse carry the same disease genes. This means that you are unaware of which disease genes you carry, as Dor Yeshorim does not disclose them. As a policy, Dor Yeshorim only screens for a very limited number of diseases. For example, they do not test for Gaucher disease, the most common Ashkenazic Jewish genetic disease, unless specifically requested. As of early 2018, Dor Yeshorim tests for 9 conditions in their basic Ashkenazic panel, 16 conditions in their expanded Ashkenazic panel and 22 conditions in their Sephardic panel, and individuals are required to choose one of these panels.

If you screen through JPatible, you will be tested for more than 200 conditions, including those most common in Ashkenazic, Sephardic and Mizrahi populations-you do not need to select which diseases to be screened for. You will receive your results directly from JPatible. Compatibility matching is done when two participants request the service. JPatible adheres to the highest standards of Jewish genetic screening and follows medical ethical guidelines. If you have specific questions about Dor Yeshorim, please contact them directly.

For enrollees with health insurance including Medicaid and community plans:

The one-time JPatible fee for program participation including matching is $99 for each enrollee.

Our partner lab, Natera, will bill your insurance for the complete panel of tests. The out of pocket cost with insurance for almost all enrollees will average $0–$44. In unusual circumstances, the out of pocket cost can reach a maximum of $199 should the specific insurance have significant restrictions or are catastrophic plans with very high deductibles. Once the lab completes submission to your insurance carrier, you will be notified by the lab regarding the final cost.

For almost all enrollees with insurance, the total cost of the program including matching is $99- $144. The final cost will depend on each enrollee’s insurance carrier. This is a one-time fee. There are no additional costs.

For enrollees with no health insurance:

The total cost of the program is $349. *

*Income based pricing for individuals without insurance who are experiencing financial hardship is available by contacting us.

Planning for a healthy family

Whether in the Jewish dating scene or getting married, it’s never too early or too late to talk about genetic testing. Medical professionals agree that every Jewish adult should be offered genetic testing before having children (and not just before your first child). At JPatible, we offer the tools needed to start planning before making decisions on marriage. Many Jewish genetic diseases are preventable through early carrier testing and genetic counseling. It’s important for Jewish couples to know their genetic risks and options prior to planning a family. Know your carrier status early to plan for a healthy future.

In many cases, individuals are only screened for a small number of diseases prior to marriage. They are then screened again by their OB/GYN at the time of a pregnancy. If couples then discover that they are carriers for the same disease, it can create a very stressful situation during what should be a very happy time. JPatible solves this problem by offering a comprehensive panel that gives people the information they need to plan ahead.

All JPatible enrollees will be able to utilize the robust genetic counseling resources through Natera.