About JPatible

Learn about the initiative and the JPatible program

JPatible was established in 2017 recognizing the need for members of the Jewish community to be able to make safe and informed decisions about genetic couple compatibility. While all genetic screening is carried out utilizing the most sophisticated DNA sequencing technology, JPatible allows a potential couple to determine whether they carry a small or significant risk for having children with Jewish genetic diseases. The company is based in Brooklyn, New York and works closely with Dr. Stuart Ditchek, JPatible’s medical director and a recognized expert in Jewish genetic disorders. Dr. Ditchek has an extensive background in high-risk pediatrics and has cared for individuals with many of these affected disorders for over 25 years. As the former medical director of the Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium, he spearheaded and established one of the first mass salivary community-based screening programs in North America. JPatible is built on the foundation that all individuals of Jewish ancestry should be screened for carrier states in order to make safe choices in planning a family. All participants receive full genetic counseling when results are complete so that they understand the process. Results are then forwarded to the participant and the ordering healthcare practitioner. The participant can share their results with family members if they desire. When they decide on a potential spouse, JPatible will compare results confidentially and advise both participants on couple compatibility so that they can make safe decisions for the future.

About the JPatible Genetic Testing Process

The JPatible Jewish genetic test is best utilized before a person or couple is planning to become pregnant for the first time, or planning to expand their families, so that they can understand their risks and options. This simple, saliva-based assay (spit test) is done in the privacy and convenience of your home, and is then mailed to a CLIA-certified laboratory. The laboratory analyzes genetic markers for more than 200 different diseases, including those that are predominant in the Jewish community. Cutting-edge genetic testing can be very expensive; the JPatible initiative ensures that for individuals with health insurance, the only out-of-pocket expense is a small program fee. The program fee will not be returned, even if the entire cost of the test is covered by insurance.

Getting Involved: Become an advocate for Jewish genetic testing

Many childhood diseases are preventable with carrier screening and education. JPatible is looking for people to join the fight against hereditary diseases. Learn more about advocacy for Jewish genetic testing and disease prevention at JPatible.com or by calling 646-902-9644