Planning For The Future

Screening Before Marriage

Whether in the Jewish dating scene or getting married, it’s never too early or too late to talk about genetic testing. Medical professionals agree that every Jewish adult should be offered genetic testing before having children (and not just before your first child). At JPatible, we offer the tools needed to start planning before making decisions on marriage. Many Jewish genetic diseases are preventable through early carrier testing and genetic counseling. It’s important for Jewish couples to know their genetic risks and options prior to planning a family. Know your carrier status early to plan for a healthy future.

In many cases, individuals are only screened for a small number of diseases prior to marriage. They are then screened again by their OB/GYN at the time of pregnancy. If couples then discover that they are carriers for the same disease, it can create a very stressful situation during what should be a very happy time. JPatible solves this problem by offering a comprehensive panel that gives people the information they need to plan ahead.

Remember: the earlier you know your carrier status, the more options you have.