For enrollees with health insurance including Medicaid and community plans:

The one-time JPatible fee for program participation including matching is $99 for each enrollee.

Our partner lab, Natera, will bill your insurance for the complete panel of tests. The additional out of pocket cost with insurance for almost all enrollees will average $0-$44. In unusual circumstances, the out of pocket cost can reach a maximum of $199 should the specific insurance have significant restrictions or are catastrophic plans with very high deductibles. Once the lab completes submission to your insurance carrier, you will be notified by the lab regarding the final cost.

For almost all enrollees with insurance, the total cost of the program including matching is $99- $144. The final cost will depend on each enrollee’s insurance carrier. This is a one-time fee. There are no additional costs.

For enrollees with no health insurance:

The total cost of the program is $349. *

*Income based pricing for individuals without insurance who are experiencing financial hardship is available.

For Schools and Community Testing

Contact us to schedule a JPatible event for your school or community.