When To Get Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing Before Pregnancy:

Medical professionals agree that every adult should be offered genetic testing before planning for a family

Too many times, parents are taken by surprise when their children are born with life-threatening genetic disorders. These parents are carriers: healthy individuals who have a genetic change or “mutation” in the same disease gene. The fact is that a parent can only know they are a carrier for a genetic disease by taking a genetic test.

When To Get Genetic Testing: Pre-conception Carrier Screening is the Key to Prevention

Early genetic testing (preferably before pregnancy) lets parents know if their future children are at risk. By discovering this early, they will have the opportunity to explore options that will help them conceive a healthy child. If you or your partner is identified as a carrier for one of the diseases tested, you’ll have a telephone consultation with one of our genetic counselors who will help coordinate follow up testing. Our mission is to secure the healthiest future possible for your children. Remember: the earlier you know your carrier status, the more options you have. Read more about our JPatible partnership with Emory genetic counseling today