Why Get Tested

Reasons for Genetic Testing

About 80% of babies with genetic diseases are born to parents with no known family history of that disease. Pre-marital and pre-conception screening and genetic counseling are important steps in planning for a healthy family, and allows you to take control and make informed choices about your future.

Everyone wants a healthy baby, and early family planning is the best defense for minimizing the risk of having a baby with a genetic disorder. If you are of Jewish ancestry (Sephardi, Ashkenazi or Mizrahi) and planning on getting married, it is important to consider getting screened before starting your family. The panel utilized by JPatible participants includes conditions common in those with various Jewish origins, other backgrounds and mixed ancestry.

Carrier Status: What is a carrier of a recessive disease and how does carrier screening work?

Being a carrier of a recessive genetic disease does not mean that you have the disease itself. If you and your prospective spouse are not carriers for the same recessive disease, there is minimal risk of having a baby with that disease. If you and prospective spouse are carriers for the same recessive disease, each of your children has a 25% chance of being born with the disease.

Testing, and learning about your results, helps you make the best decisions possible for your family. When participating in JPatible, you will receive your genetic screening results and have them explained to you by a certified genetic counselor.

Are Jewish people at greater risk for being a carrier of a genetic disorder?

Yes. At least one in every three to four Jewish people is a carrier for a Jewish genetic disease. Since these carrier states have been extensively studied in Jewish populations, we now have the ability to screen and protect families before catastrophes occur. It is vital to detect these carrier states early and preemptively.